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Guild Rules

Post by Aylissa on Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:00 pm

These are general rules that all members should follow. They are not a complete list and new rules could be added at any time due to the evolving environment we play in. This list is meant to be a base that everyone can find reasonably acceptable to follow.

1. Respect your guildmates. Everyone is playing this game to have fun and escape life for awhile. Do not ruin their time. Do not put people down in any way. If someone made a mistake, they generally already know it. They do not need to hear it 100 more times. Let them learn from it and improve. Everyone makes mistakes.

2. If you sign up for a raid, make sure you attend. If you will be unable to attend a raid, please give notice as soon as possible so we can attempt to plan around your absense. Not coming after you said you would shows little respect towards your guild mates and is just rude in general.

3. The guild bank is there for your help and will be used accordingly. Please do not take out more than necessary. Also try to desposite as much as you can. Depositing money and items into the guild bank is EVERYONE'S responsibility. We all use the bank so lets try to keep it in good condition.

4. Keep the cursing to a minimum. If you don't hear it on every day T.V., we don't need to hear it here (this includes the F word among others).

5. Do not spam the forums or general chat at any time with abusive speech. This generally will make you look like a fool and will only server to provoke others into jumping in as well. Be the bigger person and ignore it. Excessive trade chat spam is unacceptable.

These are subject to change and new rules could be added at any time. Please make sure you abide by these simple rules to maintain a fun environment.

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