Guild Raid Rules

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Guild Raid Rules

Post by Aylissa on Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:56 pm

Everyone is required to have Ventrilo, and be logged in during raids. You don't have to have a working mic to hear the strategies, only a working set of speakers/headphones.

Loot Rules:

  • Main Spec rolls first
  • Off Spec rolls second
  • Disenchant rolls last (mats go to guild bank)

  • Main armor has precendence over secondary armor; i.e, Leather wearers can roll on cloth, but if a cloth wearer needs it, he/she gets precendence

  • One item win per boss, and one trophy/mark win per instance (item win does not count towards the trophy/mark roll); but in the event that we have a member who really needs to get their gear score up and no one else needs the item, I will make an exception.

  • Anyone can roll for a BoE item

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